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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 21, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tune in tomorrow night, care strikes again, why it's supporting to have a 9/11 family member bounce from the museum board claiming she's islam ma phone, she joins us live to respond tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. this is a fox news alert. nearly two years the commander in chief found time to sit down with his own secretary of veterans affairs. moments later the president broke his silence regarding the growing scandal surrounding the va medical system and that's where we begin on this busy news night tonight on "hannity." >> i said we would work to fix these problems and we have been working really hard to address them. >> it turns out that's not the first time president obama viewed to solve the va's issues. >> cut those backlogs, slash
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wait times, deliver benefits sooner. >> why should we trust them now? >> governor sarah palin break down the growing scandal. hollywood exposed. >> knowing where the money comes from. >> two left wing celebrities caught selling out america. >> i knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. something is wrong here. >> the man made famous for helping free the kidnapping victims, he is here with a brand-new book. >> dead give away. >> and the latest on greta's bold mission to free a marine in mexico. >> bring the boy home. " hannity" starts right here right now. >> welcome to "hannity." finally today our commander in chief took time out of his busy
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schedule to address this situation and here is what he said. >> i know that people are angry and want swift reckoning. i sympathize with that, but we have to let investigators do their job and get to the bottom of what happened. our veterans deserve to know the facts. their families deserve to know the facts. once we know the facts, i assure you, if there is misconduct, it will be punished. >> if there is misconduct, people died, mr. president obama what other proof do you need? he's trying to say he's been trying to fix the problems since 2009. >> even though we haven't heard reports out of this phoenix facility or other facilities, we know that it often takes too long for veterans to get the care that they need. that's not a new develop the. it's been a problem for decades
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and it's been compounded with a decade of war. we'll work to fix the problems and we've been working really hard to address them. >> and this is the result of his so-called hard work? give me a break. how can veterans trust him now? my next guests say they lost their husbands as a result of the phoenix va's negligence. they join me outside the hospital and also with them is troy burnish. he served as a marine and worked at the va and is revealing what happened behind closed doors. before i ask specific stories and it's amazing the media is not asking to tell their stories and the president is not meeting with you, let me just play for everyone, a monotaj of the president saying that the va is broken and that he's going to
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fix it. he's been saying it for seven years, watch this. >> no veteran should have to fill out a 23 page claim to get care or wait months, even years to get an appointment at the v arava. the true test is whether we'll serve heroes as well as they served us. you heard what it's like to navigate the va, the long lines or repeated calls for help that get you nothing more than an answering machine. how can we let this happen? how is it acceptable in the united states of america? the answer is it's not. this leads me to another promise i made four years ago. upholding america's sacred trust with veterans. i promised to strengthen the va and that promise has been kept. >> now the president claims he had no idea, he learned this on tv and said it all throughout the years he's been president.
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welcome to the program. let me start with you, you lost your husband, tell us your story. >> i lost him three years ago, took him to the va behind me, va hospital for a pinched nerve april 6th, brought him in to the emergency room. around 5:00 we were finally seen the next morning by a doctor tang and he just never checked wayne out, never, you know, talked to him about his situation just talked about his own personal problems, with his back and everything else and then looked at wayne and said okay, so what do you want me to do? did they do for you last time? wayne said they gave me ox see cotton and sent me home. >> same issue, he never got the care that he needed in the beginning, how many years later when you went back and he went
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in for a simple check and he came out quad dra -- quad d drapeligic. >> they took him and he was fine and he said i'm hungry, go get me something to eat. two and a half hours later, he came down quadraplegic. >> he died six days later. it sounds like they dropped him. it sounds like he got dropped on the floor. what do they say? >> yeah, and somebody kind of came over him. that's how the doctor explained it to me, almost like a bad whiplash effect. >> and the autopsy doctor suggested you get a lawyer, right? >> yes. >> let me go to debra, debra, tell us your husband served with
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the 116th, and saw a helicopter unit in vietnam. tell us his story. >> okay. mel was having bladder pains or pains in his pelvic area and he was concerned because he was passing blood so we went to his primary care physician at the va clinic and the doctor told him three times and i heard it that blood in your urine wasn't anything to be concerned about. you should go to the doctor immediately. so we finally got an appointment in ctober 17th, 2011 to the north -- >> wait a minute. debra, how long was it from the time -- how much blood first of all was coming, was he -- i guess he was urinating this blood.
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how much are we talking about? >> it was quite a bit. each time he would urinate, there would be maybe a couple blood clots, a cup of blood. >> a quart, half a gallon? >> no, maybe half a cup of blood. >> yeah. so what happened in the end? >> well, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the va october 17th and the va behind us was not able to do the bladder removal surgery and appendix be removed. they couldn't do that. so they started him on chemotherapy and improved the outsourcing to the mayo clinic for him to get chemo erapy but
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the doctor at the mayo clinic wanted him to do surgery after the chemo therapy stopped. >> couldn't do it -- >> they waited until eight months, the va didn't approve us with the outsourcing for eight months. >> if they don't approve you for treatment, they are basically writing a death sentences, is that how you feel? >> that's right. when the doctor opened him up and took out the bladder, he said i'm sorry but your cancer spread to your lymphoids. when he passed away, they said he had multiple tumors through his pelvic area. >> troy, you're a form er marin. you worked at the phoenix va from november 2012 to september 2013. what do you know about these secret waiting lists. what do you know about the care there, the fraudulent data that's apparently been going on there? >> we used it every day.
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it wasn't a secret to any of us. i mean, we would pull up patients demographic information, print off the list, flip the page over and write on the back of it, patient needs new patient appointment and we would write the date we wrote that on there. that would go into a folder behind the primary care clinic's desks and at the end of every day, that folder was collected and turned into this mass pile of paperwork, which is what everybody is calling the secret wait list. >> so there was a secret wait list. how long was it usually? >> i don't know. when i would go back there, i would go back there frequently. i was good friends with the worker that was assigned to contact patients -- >> troy, let me ask you this, do you know for a fact that the people put on that long wait list, that they needed immediate
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care? did you know that? >> some of them yes, because i was able to pull up their information and it would in their medical chart say they were an urgent patient which would push them more forward on the list. >> guys, fist of all -- >> that's the only time, though. >> i'm sorry, i really am sorry. this is -- our country failed you here and we got to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else and i want to thank you, troy, for speaking up. you're a whistle blower, truth teller, appreciate it and to all of you at home, sorry about the background noise, there is a lot of it. up next colonial up next to weigh in, what do americans that wore the uniform think and later, governor sarah palin calling out the left and throw a fit. so why then were those on the left silent when palin's children were vish shociously ad
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welcome back to "hannity" as another scandal erupts inside
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the obama white house, the president broke his silence regarding allegations facing the va. joining me with reaction the host of "war stories" peter johnson junior is with us. colonial, you heard these people, i've been interviewing those who have lost loved ones, their stories of a horrifying, america has broken faith with those who have done so much for us. >> no doubt about it, sean. >> the president was critical today. he almost -- >> it was like a civics lesson in detachment and disengagement. what fast and furious, the irs enemiesy list, benghazi -- >> on tv. >> he's furious that it happened. as i remember the quote last weekend, madder than hell. the fact is, if he was madder
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than hell he's gotten over it. he held no one acountable and wants to get to the bottom of it. this is an administration that has a record of coverups. i'll leave it to peter, the legal expert on that but for me as a veteran, for someone whose been contacted at least by 150 people since we first addressed this over a month ago, on this show and on greta, this -- i've been contacted by all kinds of people that want whistle blower status like troy and the kinds of people we're hearing from have horror stories not just about phoenix and some of things that i read are the stuff that sends the hair on the back of my neck up. >> peter, from a legal standpoint all these different states, isn't it suspicious they found the same tactic? it is suspicious. i received 1500 e-mails and
7:17 pm
documents the white house, we have more concerned at the white house level in this country for dead veterans in national cemeteries than living veterans that go to these hundreds of facilities around the country, and time after time as the colonial pointed out, it will make you cry. >> it does. >> i have dozens of stories of veterans dying because of the va, dying, these ent. >> these interviewing, the people, families, they are crying on this show, crying on my radio show, desperate and alone these people. legally, what remedy is available for them. >> there is a few. the inspector general, if you have a complaint go to them. go to the house chair. p go to the senate chair. write to the white house. if you have a lawsuit, bring a lawsuit against the federal government. if you have a criminal claim, go to the u.s. attorney but what we're going to need, is a march
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in washington here on the end. >> not another government study. >> that's the only way this will happen, the government knows the white house knows, the president knows and acting like he's management consultant rather than commander in chief. >> colonial, we'll give you last word. number one effective immediately hire only veterans to work in the va. 1/3rd are. that's what you need people who care for themselves and know what it is like to care for others. second, give every veteran a card, red card for 100% disabled, blue card for 50% and another card for less and let them go anywhere in the country -- >> i have an idea, too. i think the president ought to immediately send out word that -- set up a hot line, anybody that is in need of care now call the hot line and they will be addressed within 12 hours. >> to defend general shinseki today is incredible. >> fires nobody.
7:19 pm
he doesn't fire eric holder, doesn't fire kathleen sebelius. >> no accountability at all. >> no accountability whatsoever. >> thank you. we'll stay on it. governor sarah palin calling out democrats for outrage when it comes to any questions being raised about hillary clinton's health. the former governor joins me next and later tonight. >> you're in with me on this right? >> yeah, where the money comes from. >> that doesn't go farther than the table? >> no, absolutely. >> hollywood's a listers caught in an undercover tape. wait until you see this tonight. we have the video. we'll play more as they literally sell out america. you'll get to see and hear for yourself. that's coming up on this edition of "hannity." low prices, we can afford to take more trips this year.
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welcome back to "hannity." karl rove started controversy questioning hillary clinton's health. the fashion they began slamming him. my next guest, sarah palin recently took to facebook to expose the double standard when it comes to democrats protecting potential candidates and presidential candidates in particular. the post reads in part, quote, hey, hilary's brain is off limits, leave her health records alone. democrats are right, scouring records of a female candidate are the politicians of personal destruction and for the media to engage would be unfair, unethical and unprecedented.
7:23 pm
it's a war on women. here to explain, fox news contributor sarah palin. governor, how are you? welcome back. >> i'm doing great, thank you, sean. >> it's pretty funny, i said this during this battle over sharia and nigerian school girls taken, it seems like the left's definition of femme nice m. >> it's a double standard that raging liberals are known for here as i had suggested in that post, a liberal can attack a conservative woman but it's a war on women if you were to go a liberal woman and it's not just gender, though. it's race, also. obviously, liberals, they can attack tw shannon and alan west and some of these good guys that
7:24 pm
are out there fighting for the right reasons but heaven forbid you're going to be called a racist if you were to question barack obama's failed policies. >> it's basically standard operating procedure at nbc news. i still to this day i don't get the controversy about mitt romney having resumes, binders on women and how sandra if she goes george washington university law school the public should pay for her birth control. i have a hard time understanding that mind set. can you help me out? >> of course, you do. you're a common sense consecutive that wants pafairne in this game being played in the arena of politics. the left will get grafted anything that you say that can be taken out of context and perceived as being a racist or sexist and they charge you with that and that way the debate,
7:25 pm
the conversation is stopped and they get to claim victory then on that issue because they can't argue the issues, sean. obviously, the issues that are so important to americans have to do with the failed policies of the fair left. they can't win on arguing their points of their policy. so they have to go on semiman ti that. >> we're hearing from victims and whistle-blowers on this programs, putting on the victims that lost loved ones because of the scandal of the va but it's albuquerq bar -- al ba have a cf
7:26 pm
and told about the problems at the va, he has been enengaging in rhetoric, our troops, they have earned the benefits that we should be providing them, that they have been promised and yet the commander in chief let that go by the wayside until it blows up and blows up in this public issue that we see today and he just spews more rhetoric. nothing will happen while obama is in charge of the military and v.a. and federal government in general. government is going to continue to grow under barack obama and this big ineffective, inefficient government that he has grown will just create and perpetuate the problem. >> why do you think the president does not hold people accountable? eric holder lies to congress. you got obviously the worst rollout of a website with more lead time and more money spent in the history of man kind with kathleen sebelius. she didn't get fired.
7:27 pm
shinseki isn't going to get fired. why doesn't he hold people accountable? >> a couple reasons. when you hold someone accountable, it takes energy and resource and barack obama is lazy. he warned us that he was lazy and attributed that to having been brought up in hawaii. it's his words, not mine, and another thing is that barack obama still doesn't see what the main problem is, the main problem is government. it's not the solution like ronald reagan said. it is the problem. he doesn't recognize that. so he will continue to do what he's doing in status quo is fine with him. he's not called out as often as he should be because the media, the referee in this, game of politics isn't doing its job and holding him accountable. >> what are your plans for the election this year? >> to continue to get out there and campaign hard for people who will be in washington dc to fight to protect the constitution and for our freedoms and for a vibrant economy again. it's to undo everything that barack obama and his party, the
7:28 pm
democrats have done to this country to put us in the boat that we're in. i'll continue to campaign hard for people, maybe people who the most of their voters have not heard of and kind of help put them on the map when they have the good ideas and passion and ability to lead the country, i'll help put them on the map. >> governor palin, good to see you. appreciate you being with us. >> thanks so much. coming up here on "hannity" . >> wait until you see this tape. left wing, a listers, people you know caught on a shocking undercover video selling out america. we'll check in with tammy bruce, geraldo and more to weigh in on that tape and later tonight. >> i knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. something is wrong here.
7:29 pm
dead give away. >> the man made famous for helping to free the cleveland kidnapping victims. he joins us later. tonight he's in studio, a "hannity" exclusive straight ahead. ♪
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but thanks to special operations warrior foundation i will never feel alone. ♪ welcome back to "hannity." james o keith released a video. they caught people on film agreeing to work on an anti fracking film. >> on march 27th, ed begly jr., helding way and sun dance award winning producer were caught on tape at the beverly hills hotel meeting with a man named mohammed to discuss the funding of the next anti fracking film to the tune of $9 million.
7:35 pm
mohammed was introduced purporting to represent mohammed and his family. >> if washington d.c. continues fracking, america will be energy i fish and then they won't need the oil anymore. >> my client's interest is to end american energy independence, your interest is to end fracking and you guys understand that? >> correct, yes, super clear. >> so if the oil company -- >> sure, sure, sure.
7:36 pm
>> if the oil company said would you make an anti fracking movie, we would say yeah. >> anti fracking. >> anti fracking. >> term. >> yeah. >> pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> what a betrayal. here with reaction, the great, great american panel the morning producer of bejesus. >> how are you, boy? >> geraldo rivera. >> i mean, what do you say except they are betraying their country? >> we know i'm based in los angeles and most of my friends are in the film industry. conservative haves a problem but this goes a step further. you can be a liberal. in this case we're seeing the dynamic of knowing what they are d doing. it doesn't matter to them. it's about i think money in large part because of what was
7:37 pm
being offered but the fact in hollywood, a great deal of it is resendment for this nation, not just liberal is m but not liking the country. >> come on. [ laughter ] >> it's all right. >> i'm a fan -- >> i'm a fan of james o keith. i think he does great stuff. -o you know the acorn, the prolife counseling and all the rest. >> i like him, too. >> this is like so hollywood producers will take money from anybody who will produce films, come on. it's not about patriotism. >> they are saying we don't want america to become energy independence. >> it's producers hustling for money. >> hemingway and ed begly junior are not producers. >> this is perhaps the best film they made maybe in their whole life. listen, they are agreeing to subsidize people who support terror and sharia law at the expense of the american people,
7:38 pm
don't forget that. >> we don't want to hear -- i want to hear jay leno and ellen degenerous come out. >> did you hear about this cold middle school? they cancelled honors night. the kids who have better grades, they did this and kids that get better grades go to honors night and the families go because the dopey kids that didn't study didn't get the grades and might feel left out. >> we had a couple generations dealing with this. the inspiration it gives you, the power to achieve more is seeing other people achieve more, there is a reason to want to get something so you have competition, people who do well should be rewarded. there seems and this comes from the left, perhaps people who themselves did not do well in school wanting to make not doing well lowering the bar -- >> geraldo. look at geraldo. you want everybody to participation trophy. >> what do i look like here?
7:39 pm
i just have one ps to the previous conversation, al gore sold currency for 400 million -- >> exactly. >> to al jazeera. he sold to the petro chemical industry. >> i have a picture of al gore getting into his gulf stream. >> as a father of five, some kids were good, some not. i want everybody to get recognize disead -- >> geraldo. >> there are winners. >> hard-nosed. >> when we had the discussion of the coach beating up the kid in texas football, the kid who were three years old and you were defending him. [ laughter ] >> come on kid, you can do it. >> i wasn't defending all of us. >> i know you're puking. >> there was a california mayor. he said most people have to grow a pair and stick up for them
7:40 pm
concern shelves. i like americans to be tough and rugged, not wimps. if you win, you win, if you don't, be a gracious loser. >> falsely telling the world it will be the way it is when you're young, it's not. >> how many kids you got? >> two. >> you say nice job, johnny, or marry. >> if they did a nice job. >> it wasn't so -- >> kick in the behind. >> i give them a kick in the behind. >> maybe that's why my kids are still on the payroll. [ laughter ] >> independent like the liberal you are. like the government. >> and all those little boys being coddled and have to deal with guys like you and wonder why they don't get further. maybe this is why you want everybody coddled because you want to kill off the competition. >> by the way, in your life you're a fierce competitor. >> i am. >> turn your kids into it and don't give them a trophy if they lose. >> misplaced. >> let's kick their little
7:41 pm
butts. get that diaper off, kid, where is your helmet? >> exactly. >> going back to the sell ebb ler -- celebrities, they are protesting beverly hills hotels because of sharia law. >> i know. >> that's the hypocrisy. >> thanks. >> that's the irony. >> the producers rank somewhere just around child molesters in terms of moral fiber, whether they are right or left. >> that's -- >> money grubbing kind of let's get this thing made no matter how we can make it. sleazy. >> that's why we're not in the business. >> all right. >> good to see y'all, welcome back. >> thank you. >> coming up next tonight on "hannity". >> i knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. something is wrong here. dead give away. >> remember him, charles ramsey? the man who helped free the three women just over a year ago from the cleveland house of horrors next.
7:42 pm
>> he traveled to mexico to see the firsthand route the jailed marine took. she'll be here to explain what she found and why she's demanding secretary kerry get involved and we want to support her effort. coming up.
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welcome back to "hannity." charles ramsey helped free those three women held captive in a hope for years. you might remember him talking to reporters after the rescue of the girls. >> i looked and see this girl and she just going nuts on the door. so i'm like what's your problem? you stuck? open the door. she said i can't, he has it l k locked. i looked, it was enough to grab the mail. he tried to pry it open. there was aluminum. she climbed out with her daughter. she went to my house, we called 911. i knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. something is wrong here. dead give away. >> all right. one year later he's written a brand new book by the way and i
7:48 pm
highly recommend it entitled "dead give away." i spoke to you at the time. honor to meet you. >> likewise. >> looking back, there is really a pretty profound statement there, i knew something was wrong, pretty little white girl, some people criticized you for that and i'm like, you just kind of knew your neighborhood, you knew something was up. >> that's it, bro. >> how do you feel, how does it feel having saved these girls' lives? >> that part is an unlimited amount of adrenaline rush. put that aside. how does it feel knowing you live next door to a monster and you couldn't see any taletale sign? i thought you were a good judge of character. i had been bashing myself in the head for a year. >> seriously? >> think about it, bro. >> if you knew you would have done something, but you didn't know. >> listen, i used to on
7:49 pm
saturdays when i didn't have to work on the weekend, drink corona, so instead of me going in the house to use the bathroom, i would go to the side of my house between aerial's house and my house. so for six months, i've been taking a urn nation right there. >> this might be details i didn't think i was going to get out of you and i like ka row that, too. >> sorry. >> if i'm going to the bathroom -- >> yeah. yeah. >> are you really beating yourself up over this? you really are? you feel guilty? >> no, because i have nothing to do with it but i feel like what did i miss? a year ago, is why i'm talking to aerial, giving him his mail and talking about you and anderson cooper and rock 'n' roll and metallica or whatever
7:50 pm
comes to his mind. that dude would come outside when you saw him and have a conversation with you and walk away and come back with tools and raking his lawn up and edging it and mowing it and painting it and doing evening to keep his property neat and pristine. >> still no signs, how would you here is the good news. when the moment came, you were there. do you know what? you saved them. you know? i don't know what it was. there is something i just told you, i said man, you need a tv show. you've got a dynamic personality. >> thank you. appreciate it bro. >> i think you should be proud of them. the girls? you're friends? >> yes. yes. >> what is next for you besides the book? >> i don't want to, and i'm not running from any type of political office but what i want to do is we've
7:51 pm
got substandard housing everyone. you've got abandoned billings everywhere. i need unlimited amount of dynami dynamite. i'm going to create jobs because those abandons houses? refurbish them, >> i used to do that. for a living. >> that sounds like it. >> i have to roll. >> thank you for what you did. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i remember that day. you made the country feel good. >> thank you. >> it's one of the stories that turns out right. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> welcome to new york. >> thank you. >> coming up next, greta. she camped outside of the prison in mexico where marines were for two days she is demanding the government free this brave american before
7:52 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". for over a month now, united states marine sargeant and war veteran has been jailed in mexico on weapons charges. so far owe, the administration has done nothing to free this american marine, and today, john kerry visited mexico there is no apparent effort to bring this man home. what is it going to take for the administration to show concern for men and women in uniform? joining me now is greta van susteren, she just returned. he just made a mistake, right? >> i thought how in the world could he make a mistake and drive into another country. we went down there and investigated
7:58 pm
he came out of a parking lot. on the right was mexico. he had been in tijuana for the day. left was san diego. there is a turn going to the left. it's a turn boy have taken if i wanted to go back to san diego. if they take that turn left it loops back down under the road you go immediately into mexico. 100 yards away. there is a big cement barrier, no u-turn, nothing. you make that turn you're in mexico. he said i have guns and they arrested him for possession >> i watched that part of it thinking wow. it's a minor thing. here is what is frustrating me. anything we can do to join your effort? >> yes. talk about it. >> the president tomorrow, taking executive action on airport wait times. really? we have a marine in jail for no good reason in mexico? john kerry down there?
7:59 pm
help me out. >> we gt such a run around we said we had permission and the warden gave us the run around. now, the consulate had weekly contact with him. what needs to happen is that our president needs to use our muscle in mexico and say accelerate the process. anyone looking at this will reach the same conclusion. this was accidental. he ended up in mexico. you can't violate the law accidentally like that. the law is whether he intended to have guns in mexico, he never intended to be in mexico. no one in his right mind he's going to langish weeks, months years. give the guy a fair shot at this, >> well, i support your effort. let's get the guy out by memorial day weekend. gretawire if you want to help. we're going to try to do
8:00 pm
everything we can. greta, week nights at 7:00 here on fox. set your dvr. hope you'll join us 10:00 eastern here on fox. start your day with "fox and friends". i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and i will not tolerate it, period. >> once again, president obama says he will not tolerate a scandal but is it his fault that the v.a. is so out of control? tonight, we will give you the facts and have analysis from charles krauthammer, karl rove, and myself. >> rapper mac lamore mocks jewish people. where is the media outrage? nowhere. we will tell you why. >> david lee roth says he


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